Monday, 3 April 2017

DGA240: Live Brief Final Animation

This is the final animation. It's so great to see everything together. I think it looks really great, I do think that maybe there should be more of an exaggeration on the litter in the street so maybe we could've drawn up some scrunched of paper or bin bags, but I still think the point comes across okay the way it is. The guys did so well with the animation, I'm really pleased with the whole thing!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

DGA260 - Clockwise Grandfather Clock Designs

Some digitally drawn grandfather clock designs. I think they're okay, but perhaps they should be more stylised. I'll speak to Amy and see what she thinks. Also, my Wacom tablet isn't that great so some lines are quite shaky, I might re do them in the studios as the equipment is much better! I'm really getting into Photoshop at the moment, I haven't used Krita in a while because lately, my first "go to" is Photoshop but I might use Krita again as it is such a good software. I'm surprised the studios don't have it. So yeah, clocks. I think the colours are quite plain too, needs more of a variety and more textures maybe? I don't know I'll get some feedback from Amy first and go from there.

Monday, 27 March 2017

DGA240 Live Brief - Smoke animation

So Nick really wants me to do some animating and I'm a bit reluctant because I'm not very confident at animating but I do want to get back into it and do more of it so I gave this a go, we need to have smoke coming out of the cars so we need something like this.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

DGA240 Live Brief - Windmill Animation


   So, I've been doing more of the pre production side of this project because unfortunately, for me,  animation is just a no no. However, I thought to myself, I wont be good at animation unless I practice, so although a few of the other members of the group already have the animation sorted, I thought i'd do a quick test of a windmill - baring in mind I haven't animated since before Christmas, and I haven't used flash since first year so about a year ago. To be honest, It turned out okay except for the fact that it's shaky and it kinda moves around a bit but it wasn't a complete disaster at least! I think I might do more of this kind of stuff because I do need to get into animating a bit more even if I am more of a pre production kinda girl. Challenge accepted.

Monday, 20 March 2017

DGA260 - Fern's Project

I have to admit, I'm low key struggling with this. Fern has told me to look at Pascal Campion for inspiration but I'm not sure how to incorporate his style into the backgrounds, I feel like I want to just go into Fern's brain for a moment just so I know exactly what kind of style she's after. So anyway, I just messed around a bit here, my work is on top and then below is one of Campion's illustrations that I used as reference. The colours I used are a bit unusual, especially compared to Campions. But I used the photoshop extension - Adobe colour themes which suggested complimentary colours. I'll have to ask Fern for feedback but I have a feeling this is not what she's looking for, however she may like it and it might be something we can work with! we shall see!

Friday, 17 March 2017

*Mucha Appreciation Post*

 Sooooo it's 1 o'clock in the morning and I've been looking through my old work from sixth form and GCSE, and I literally studied Alphonse Mucha RELIGIOUSLY. He's my favourite artist and I was low key hoping I'd have him in the pick n mix project last semester. Perhaps I can incorporate his style into my own project about Epilepsy? I shall find a way! :')


So, I have a bit of an idea for a film, it's quite a personal one. I have a form of epilepsy and I was researching trying to find animations about or to do with epilepsy and there was barely any, the only ones I found were 10 second ones on the NHS website and they were just informative animations. I spoke to Kathy and Derek and they liked the idea and to just do some sketches and concept art. my coursemate told me to watch a few films which I'm going to do for inspiration.

   During seizures I blackout and it made me think, what happens during this blackout? (apart from shaking and weird stuff of course) So I thought my main character could be epileptic and go into this dark and creepy dream world during the seizure and then wake up in the hospital? it's not set in stone yet and I still need to figure out a proper story but I definitely want to centre it around epilepsy, lets see what comes of this! :)