Saturday, 7 October 2017

Bigger Splash - working progress!

I still need to colour this in and tweak it a little but I tried to make the splash fill the screen as I have seen on several cartoons before, I think it works? I'm pretty proud of myself anyway as I feel like i'm really challenging myself even though these are just simple animations. I'm excited now to do more!

More animating

This is another example I did using the same ball splash but with a background that I copied from Jess' pitch powerpoint, just to get an idea of the scene (even though there won't be a ball in the scene, I imagine there will be a lot of splashing around)

Back to Animating

So we've just found out which films have the greenlight which is really exciting! But I know that time is precious and I can waste a single minute of it! I immediately went to speak to a couple of directors to see if I can help out with their films and at the moment, I've secured a place in Jess' group for her film 'Pirate Code'. I saw her pitch so I know roughly what it's about so I started researching and looking at some of the artists she was influenced by. Although  my main focus is not to animate this year, I still want to practice, especially if they need help animating when production begins; and also I wanted to figure out how to animate water in the style of the artist chosen. Jess wants the water to be in the style of Suzy Lee shown below, which looks like it'll be quite hard to animate.

   Because I haven't animated in so long, I started by just quickly trying a normal splash and I will work my way up from there.

This is the splash I animated. I feel that the splash should be a lot bigger considering the size of the ball, apart from that i'm pretty pleased with it, I just need more practice.


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Skills Pitch

   So, I'm in third year now.......WHAT?! Time is going too fast it needs to slow down! We've been told that we have to pitch our skills soon so I've started putting together a powerpoint presentation. It only has to be 9 slides which is good but then I have so much work that i'm finding it hard to choose which pieces I want to show. This is a screenshot of one of my slides - I'm trying to include as much of my work as possible without it being too busy and over the top. But I'm happy with this, these characters are from last year's James Henry script project. I'm just very nervous about standing in front of loads of people and talking about myself for 3 minutes...

Monday, 3 April 2017

DGA240: Live Brief Final Animation

This is the final animation. It's so great to see everything together. I think it looks really great, I do think that maybe there should be more of an exaggeration on the litter in the street so maybe we could've drawn up some scrunched of paper or bin bags, but I still think the point comes across okay the way it is. The guys did so well with the animation, I'm really pleased with the whole thing!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

DGA260 - Clockwise Grandfather Clock Designs

Some digitally drawn grandfather clock designs. I think they're okay, but perhaps they should be more stylised. I'll speak to Amy and see what she thinks. Also, my Wacom tablet isn't that great so some lines are quite shaky, I might re do them in the studios as the equipment is much better! I'm really getting into Photoshop at the moment, I haven't used Krita in a while because lately, my first "go to" is Photoshop but I might use Krita again as it is such a good software. I'm surprised the studios don't have it. So yeah, clocks. I think the colours are quite plain too, needs more of a variety and more textures maybe? I don't know I'll get some feedback from Amy first and go from there.

Monday, 27 March 2017

DGA240 Live Brief - Smoke animation

So Nick really wants me to do some animating and I'm a bit reluctant because I'm not very confident at animating but I do want to get back into it and do more of it so I gave this a go, we need to have smoke coming out of the cars so we need something like this.