Thursday, 23 March 2017

DGA240 Live Brief - Windmill Animation

   So, I've been doing more of the pre production side of this project because unfortunately, for me,  animation is just a no no. However, I thought to myself, I wont be good at animation unless I practice, so although a few of the other members of the group already have the animation sorted, I thought i'd do a quick test of a windmill - baring in mind I haven't animated since before Christmas, and I haven't used flash since first year so about a year ago. To be honest, It turned out okay except for the fact that it's shaky and it kinda moves around a bit but it wasn't a complete disaster at least! I think I might do more of this kind of stuff because I do need to get into animating a bit more even if I am more of a pre production kinda girl. Challenge accepted.

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