Thursday, 30 March 2017

DGA260 - Clockwise Grandfather Clock Designs

Some digitally drawn grandfather clock designs. I think they're okay, but perhaps they should be more stylised. I'll speak to Amy and see what she thinks. Also, my Wacom tablet isn't that great so some lines are quite shaky, I might re do them in the studios as the equipment is much better! I'm really getting into Photoshop at the moment, I haven't used Krita in a while because lately, my first "go to" is Photoshop but I might use Krita again as it is such a good software. I'm surprised the studios don't have it. So yeah, clocks. I think the colours are quite plain too, needs more of a variety and more textures maybe? I don't know I'll get some feedback from Amy first and go from there.

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