Friday, 17 March 2017


So, I have a bit of an idea for a film, it's quite a personal one. I have a form of epilepsy and I was researching trying to find animations about or to do with epilepsy and there was barely any, the only ones I found were 10 second ones on the NHS website and they were just informative animations. I spoke to Kathy and Derek and they liked the idea and to just do some sketches and concept art. my coursemate told me to watch a few films which I'm going to do for inspiration.

   During seizures I blackout and it made me think, what happens during this blackout? (apart from shaking and weird stuff of course) So I thought my main character could be epileptic and go into this dark and creepy dream world during the seizure and then wake up in the hospital? it's not set in stone yet and I still need to figure out a proper story but I definitely want to centre it around epilepsy, lets see what comes of this! :)

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